Huguette May

Book design for artist Huguette May, who creates large-scale incredibly intricate, fine, detailed drawings. This book focuses on "The Hawser Series", which features a single abandoned ship’s hawser (a rope used in mooring or towing a ship), which she came upon by chance during a trip to New Bedford, MA. Each work discovers new interpretations, dynamics and relationships of the fibers and its tangles. A square layout was selected to be able to include text in the margins where necessary, but still have a sense of verticality. Utilizing a clean, open layout, the reader's focus always remains on the work. A spot color of teal was selected as a nod to the nautical inspiration from which the subject originated. Springled throughout are close-up shots of selected works for the reader to be able to explore further within and discover new details that can only be seen when viewing the full-size work (each of the original drawings are 50 to 75 inches high). Next to each are quotes from the artist that support the ideas within the piece.

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